Operation and Maintenance

KGC has performed operation and maintenance in Qalaa House, the Headquarters of USACE in Kabul – Afghanistan. Under this service contract, we were responsible for maintaining residential facilities that were supplied to USACE by KGC. Period of this contract was two years (2005 – 2006). We have also carried out Operations and Maintenance for DynCorp International in the provinces of Jalalabad and Kunduz (in the North and East of the country). Under this service contract, KGC was responsible to provide food, residential facilities, medical services and modular connexes for accommodation for different staff hierarchy. More than 2000 people were catered for in each of the sites in Kunduz and Jalalabad provinces.

KGC has also performed Operations and Maintenance Services various provinces in the South and Northern Afghanistan for the European Union funded programs. Under this service contract, KGC built a large Weir across the Salang river in the province of Baghlan – Afghanistan. We also maintained a side wall with a length of 205 meters on each of the river banks to avoid erosion. KGC built another water regulator structure in the province of Kunduz in Asqalan district. This operations and maintenance was also performed under the EU funded program.  Both these service contracts were signed for three years with start time in Dec. 2005 and end date in Nov. 2008.       KGC has extensive experience in areas of water irrigation and canal construction works.

KGC is currently maintaining its own facilities in Afghanistan. We have two man-camps in Kandahar province, one in Kabul, one in Baghlan province and one in Kunduz province. These facilities are currently maintained for the support of the upcoming and ongoing projects under different programs and portfolios of KGC.

KGC offers its services in the areas of operations and maintenance to our valued clients across the country in Afghanistan. KGC has competitive edge in terms of available resources, skilled and experience staffs, qualified and tested management teams, well equipped security services (in collaboration with the MoI and Government), and above all we have built a network of connections and trust with communities and people covering districts and villages across the country throughout more than a decade in different locations including South, North, East and West of the country – which we really proud to declare this asset as our invaluable asset.