Kainaat Group of Companies (KGC) has started investment in the agriculture sector in Afghanistan. We have planted more than 300 Acres of newly cultivated land with Almond trees, and another 150 Acres of land with other seasonal fruits. We are using technical experts from the Ministry of Agriculture, Afghanistan and the USAID funded programs to for technical assistance. KGC has fielded a team of experts and technical plus skilled group of employees in the district of Chardara, Kunduz province to manage this portfolio at field and provincial level.

KGC is planning to purchase more agricultural lands and continue to invest in building the required infrastructure for the support of the ongoing efforts to modernize the age old agricultural productivity and marketability system. We are also into procuring more land and expanding our present investment plan to develop more productive and cultivating lands. At this point in time, KGC will continue to work on this sector in Chardara district of Kunduz province. However, we are looking for expansion to other areas after the success of this trail venture.

KGC is planning to install pasteurization and dry fruit packaging plant. We are also planning to work together with the Ministry of Agriculture and with the officials of Afghanistan Chamber of Business in order to look for ways to capitalize on this sector in order to pave the way for export to our near regional countries such as India, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Europe and USA.