Kainaat Group of Companies (KGC) is a well-known name in construction and logistics industries in Afghanistan and in the region, and legal entities represented under this group include Kainaat Gold Construction (KGC) firm and Kainaat Gul Construction (KGC). Also, the name Kainaat Group is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industries in Afghanistan under a separate license number, thus the business name Kainaat Group of Companies i.e. KGC represents all entities under this group. KGC major business lines include construction, design-build, logistics and trading – including agro-businesses. We are operating in Afghanistan market for the last eighteen years and in regional markets since last eight years.  Our specialization is in areas of construction and design of large, complex & integrated facilities for police and military personnel, design and construction of hospitals, residential and office buildings, design and construction of water distribution and large scale irrigation and canals. In addition, during these years, KGC has been involved in logistics and transportation projects and has built a fleet of trucks including dry-cargo and fuel tanker trucks, which are managed and operated out of KGC logistics Yard in the North of Kabul located on Parwan road. A separate and dedicated team of professional personnel is assigned to run KGC logistics and transportation businesses.

Giving / Contribution to communities:

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